Friday, January 30, 2009

Newest Addiction

So, some people wake up in the morning and crave coffee, waffles, a cigarette...
Me, I crave gas station cheeseburgers!

WTF, body?! I'm trying to diet here, and you are constantly telling me to drive to BP and buy a cheeseburger (at 10am)!

I always get the craving on the way home from school, and somehow I always give in because my friend Chaelly works there.

UGH! So annoying.


Kalee said...

I don't ever crave cheeseburgers or what not, but if I see a pastry or bread product (with the exception of donuts, of which I only like plain cake and french cruellers) I will crave it until I devour it. And boy does that suck, because I always want more!

JustJess said...

I was browsing local blogs this one made me giggle. My fiance and his brother work for a speciality construction company and they rave about BP Cheeseburger - they eat them at like 6am though!