Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a quick note

I am so sick of people being negative!! 
Why do you have to rain on my parade??

Deep down, I think I've always known what I wanted to do with my life (career-wise) but I pushed it aside as 'Childish' and 'Foolish' because that's what every one told me.

I wanted to move to London after high school, my parents told me to stop dreaming.
(I don't want to live in a world where people are being told to stop dreaming)

Every one keeps telling me to get a degree and get a job that pays well. Just find a career and get to work!

I am done. I'm done trying to please every body else. I'm going to do what I want to do and focus on what makes me happy. 

That includes moving back out to San Francisco. I've already talked to some family out there, and I'm making a plan. 
I need to buckle down here at UNO and figure out what kind of degree I want. I'm working on a plan.

I'm going to be very selfish for a little while. Right now it's going to have to be all about me (for the most part). I need to get everything sorted out and start living my life.


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Kalee said...

I figured out what interested me my sophmore year of college in my art history class. I wanted to get a art history degree and specialize in restoration (everything from cleaning the statues to fixing a part of a painting that was chipped or missing). My mother when I told her said, "And where do you plan on finding a job with that?" So negative. Well, if I had done what I wanted rather than trying to please everyone else I would have a degree....which while I may not be using it over here, I would have one and a reason for all my damn student loan bills! Luckily I have an amazing husband who supports me getting a degree in whatever the hell I want! Stef, you have to decide what path in life is right for you, because in the end it's your life that is impacted by your decisions. And SF is an awesome place, I wish we could move there!