Saturday, March 22, 2008

I don't know if I could stand another...

I am so tired of falling for guys who are total douchebags.
Everytime, I always end up being a stepping stone to something better.

For six months, I've waited for him to come around...and now he's flaking on me. In the beginning I told myself not to get attached to another guy like Nic. But I did anyway...I never listen to myself.

I'm so over the hurt that comes along with the rejection.

Oh and he didn't even wish me a Happy Birthday. He KNEW about my birthday, the next day...and yet still said nothing.
We were supposed to meet up around 10pm, it's now 11:04 and he's "Not sure" what the plan is.
Oh, I'll tell you what the plan is...I'm probably going to kick you in the balls the next time I see you, I just haven't decided if I'm going to wear pointy toed heels or steel toe boots. We'll have to play it by ear.
(Thanks to Chaelly for that idea)