Sunday, January 18, 2009

My story

I have this idea in my head for a based entirely upon reality.
My problem lies in the simple fact, that I cannot recover some of those feelings had during that time of my life.

I keep hoping to run into him...Just so I can feel something again. Hate, lust, pity...anything.

I pulled out my box of 'past' and I feel so disconnected to it all. Which, in the long run, I'm happy about...but right now. I need something to get me started.

I need to hear his voice.
I need music.


Michaela said...

Make your own "Music"...It may help you figure out who you really are.

Stop dwelling on the past...forget him and his dumb philosophical's not good for you- HE'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Love ya!

OEsme4046 said...

No, it's not how you think. I'm not dwelling right now. I seriously am having this creative flow and sadly it includes him and our 'past'...but it's for a good reason. I swear.