Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 10

Here is a photo that I took from my phone last night, because for a moment, I thought I was actually beginning to 'show'! But now that I look at it closer, I feel like that's what I've looked like for the past few months. Round.
The other day, I must have seriously been bloated or something, because I definitely had a
'pooch'. It was crazy...but it's gone now.

*sorry for the dirty mirror shot too*

I've been trying NOT to buy stuff quite yet, mainly because I don't want to by boy stuff and have a girl, or vice versa. Although, I have collected quite the stash of baby clothes over the past few years, also inheriting stuff from my sister.

I did however breakdown and buy some stuff on, which is my FAVORITE WEBSITE EVER! *Note, some of these, I've bought as far back as a year ago and as recent as in I just got them in the mail today. ;-)

I am an avid follower of and I saw that she got this organic teething ring, only in the shape of a hippo, and I had to find one. I love hippos! And I thought it was a creative idea.

I found these car seat strap covers made from one of my favorite DwellStudio prints. So, naturally, had to have it. And it's reversible. 
Then, there is this other blanket. Girly, but I love zebra print with hot pink. Had to have it. 
Another AMAZING blanket, again, it's girly, but I die for the fabric. So retro!

Finally, a collection of Lemon Alexander Henry Fabrics: I have a blanket, a bib, and a burp cloth. I hate real lemons, but I love this fabric. Go figure!


Kalee said...

I love all these things, but now I am thinking perhaps we should be praying you're having a little fashionista! I love the hippo rattle! I saw a similar one on etsy that was an elephant (my fav), that I am just waiting for an excuse to buy!

OEsme4046 said...

It's never to early to start your 'baby stash'...I started mine a long time ago, and thankfully, I don't need to buy too many clothes the first few months. ;-)